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Louisa’s enthusiasm for yoga is infectious. I’ve learned so much – about yoga, about myself, and found “my yoga”. I’d recommend this course to anyone seeking to become a yoga teacher.

Louisa is an incredibly supportive, patient, knowledgeable and encouraging teacher! We started the training in person but had to make the switch to online due to lockdown! Louisa adapted incredibly to having to teach online and guide us through the change. I cannot recommend LKY highly enough if you want to deepen your yoga knowledge!

A fantastic course full of very useful information and first hand advice, lead by a knowledgable and really engaging tutoe. Louisa was so supportive and helpful thoughout the whole process.

Louisa is so passionate. I went into this course with a love of yoga asana and have come out feeling like a changed person after soaking up all her wonderful yoga philosophy knowledge. We went into lockdown after we’d started the course as a contact course. Initially i felt really cheated that the course had changed. It wasnt what i wanted or signed up for BUT Louisa has been so supportive. She gave us time to adjust to a new way of learning and gave us incredible teachings week after week. I genuinely am really grateful not only to have developed my personal practise and knowledge to teach but also to have developed a strong bond with Louisa and the other trainees.

Louisa is a wealth of knowledge and experience. I personally feel that she is underestimated because of her humble, informal and real nature. Underneath this is a very professional, approachable and skilled teacher trainer that could go amiss by an untrained eye.

She embodies what I look for in teachers the most….someone who gives me the space, guidance and support to find my own way.

Looking forward to more trainings!

Louisa ran a wonderful children’s yoga course. It was really good the way louisa covered the management side of teaching as well as going into lots of detail about yoga for children. I would definitely recommend this course.

The course was fantastic with Louisa, a very experienced teacher, sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm with her students. I learned so much from the Louisa and was able to start my business teaching children’s yoga as soon as I had qualified. Louisa provided a personal service and her years of experience shone through. A wonderful course that has enabled me to teach yoga to the next generation!

The 200 hour course was amazing. I loved the structure of the course as it worked really well with work and family life. Louisa was a fantastic teacher, so knowledgeable, inspiring and supportive – she really brought out the best in each of us. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Louisa’s teaching and this course to anyone and am sad that it has ended.

Thoroughly recommend this course!

I’m so happy to have completed it with Louisa who puts everything into perspective in a fun and very professional way. I feel really well qualified to get going now and know that LKY school has great back up and will always be there for me. Met amazing people, the facility in Stonehaven was lovely. It was hard work and challenging but that’s a good thing as it makes it real! Will be heading back for future training with LKY for sure.

What can I say?

I looked forward to this training course for months and it was way beyond my expectations. Louisa has a unique blend of professionalism and inner child bursting through in this course. Every day I learned more, worked harder and rediscovered my own inner child. By the end of the course I felt personally refreshed, full of enthusiasm and fun, and absolutely ready to teach and support children in their yoga and relaxation practice.

Thank you Louisa!

I have been through quite a few yoga trainings and LKY is up there with the best of them.

Having been a yoga student of Louisa’s many years ago I found her refreshing, authentic and empowering. I tend to shy away from the yoga scene because I find people have a lot of judgements and expectations at what someone who practises yoga should or shouldn’t be. It nearly put me off becoming a yoga teacher myself. But teachers like Louisa are apologetically themselves and that helped me feel better in my own skin.

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